A Second Workshop in Puglia

Back in October, I posted about my upcoming Live Cultures Workshop in Puglia, Italy — and, darlings, what a pleasure to receive so many registrations! The trip filled in less than a month, which has prompted a second Live Cultures Workshop from June 1-8. It’s the same basic itinerary and same exact price, but there’s […]

Join Me for a Workshop in Italy

After three years of blogging, working on a book, and traveling in search of great cheese, I have only one dream: to sit down at a table with all of you for a week of cooking and feasting in Italy. With the help of my amazing colleague and friend, Aimee Knight, that nano-dream is about to […]

Cheese and Cocktails, etc.

Darlings, you know how I love to drink a martini with a few shards of Pecorino. If you’re contemplating weekend drinks, have a peek at my cheese and cocktail line-up over at The Savory. You’ll find hunks that love a good snuggle with rum, gin, and Champagne mixers. You can also find cocktail pairings in my […]

Visiting Allison Hooper

Before I went to Vermont, everyone and their brother told me I would luvvv it and never want to leave it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I thought. Everyone also said the same thing about Maine. But then I went to Vermont. And it was the fortune cookie fortune I always wanted…One day you will travel to the land […]

The Whole Fromage

Back in February, I caught wind of a fellow dairy fiend from Wisconsin who was writing a book — a sexy French cheese travelogue. Of course, I had to sniff it out, and soon Kathe Lison and I were swapping emails and galley copies of our books. Lison’s The Whole Fromage dropped in late June, […]