How Pork Becomes Prosciutto

Italy diary: Since joining a cheese cult several years ago, I find myself in a regular quandary over prosciutto. First, I can never remember how to spell it. (I before U, I before U!) Second, no matter how many times I wrap it around a Stilton-stuffed date, I can’t wrap my head around how prosciutto […]

Cooking for Aunt Lynette

My trip to Italy in May started on a dark note. But bear with me. The story goes like this: I planned to visit my Aunt Lynette, one of my father’s seven sisters, but as I was flying to Verona – probably watching an in-flight movie – she passed away. Call it fate. Call it […]

A Window in Venice

Just a quick hello from Venice. Here is my window onto the Grand Canal, a view that affords Madame Fromage a glimpse of gondolas, water taxis, and river rats (small transport boats, not creatures with tails). And so cheese comes into Venice. Here, trash is picked up daily. A single grocery store serves the islands’ […]

When Italy Calls

I know, I know, the timing is terrible. Here it is just days before the book drops, and I am packing my cheese valise to spend three weeks in Italy. Last fall when I agreed to lead a food tour across northern Italy for Saint Joseph’s University students (yes, Madame works!), I didn’t really think […]

In Africa with Wineland Blue

Unlike most people who travel to Botswana, I did not harbor dreams of seeing a white rhino. Or hippos. Or giraffes. I nursed one very small dream: to discover a new cheese, but only if I happened upon it; my real job this past month was to learn how to drive a stick shift Toyota […]