Finger Lickin’ Links

It’s been a summer of cheese sleuthing. Wisconsin. Vermont. Tomorrow, I leave for Cheese Camp in Rhode Island, then it’s off to a secret cabin in Connecticut in exchange for a cheese party. It’s been glorious to spend so much time outside, toes in grass, making new friends — but today I’m luxuriating in a cafe, avec […]

A Podcast on Cheese Sleuthing in Wisconsin

Whenever I travel, I always try to build a cheese board by shopping at local markets. It’s a great way to taste a place, and it gives my trip a pairing-driven purpose. Pack a cutting board on your next road trip, and you’ll have more fun nibbling, guaranteed. Take last Saturday in Madison, Wisconsin: My brother […]

Poached Quinces and Mascarpone

The quince has always intrigued me. It appears on cheese boards in the form of membrillo, or fruit paste, alongside hunks of Spanish cheeses. Its sweet tangs lifts fatty Manchego out of its torpor (I always picture Manchego as an oaf, a lunk). Raw, though, the quince is inedible – it dries out your mouth, […]